Tips on selecting best CCIE training program

Gone are the days, when a computer used to be a device to send an email, today it has become much more than that. With the rapid advancement of technology, the networking has become a hot commodity. CISCO, the world leader in networking hardware has introduced several courses for the networking professionals to make them step ahead of their peers.

In the earlier blog posts, we have shouted a lot about CCNA training program, its importance, and its worth. And in this post, we will cover CCIE training and how to find a right coaching institute or simply how to deduct chaff from the wheat. First things first, what is CCIE training and is it worth?

CCIE (CISCO certified Internet work expert) training administers your skills in the area of complex network infrastructure on a wide variety of CISCO equipment. The training is divided into 6 expertise or tracks:-

  • Routing and Switching
  • Service Provider
  • Security
  • Collaboration
  • Data Center
  • Wireless

Tips for selecting the right institute

Finding the best institute is a gateway towards the successful career. While the market is filled with wide range of institutes, each one blowing its own trumpet, but here we mention on how to select a networking institute:-

Check out the batch size

First and foremost thing that you need to determine before selecting a training institute is a batch size. The teacher to student ratio matters the most whether we are taking admission of our child in playgroup or in a training institute. An ideal ratio should be 15:1. More students mean compromised attention and mindless learning.

Net Tech India believes in giving personalized attention to the students. Unless our competitors we don’t stack our class with the students, rather here we strive to provide quality education with uncompromised attention.

Teaching aids

State-of-the-art labs do signify that you are in a right institute. So, next time whenever you plan to visit an institute have a bird’s eye view on the equipment available.


The infrastructure should be large enough to accommodate the students from all walks of life. The infrastructure doesn’t mean the carpet area- rather it means trained teachers, equipment including the projectors.

Do make an inquiry about teachers, course syllabus and live projects

Teachers make even a boring subject sound interesting. If the faculty is well-addressed about the latest happenings in the field of networking, they can trickle down that knowledge to the students as well. Truly, “the best teachers teach from the heart, not from the books.”

We, at Net Tech India, are backed by adept professionals who have in- depth experience of networking.

Course Syllabus- At the onset, do ask about the course syllabus. It will let you plan and structure your course module accordingly.

Ask them about the live projects-Live projects are windows through which reality peeps in. If ever a coaching institute promises you to make you work on live projects, it means definitely it is a right institute.

Apart from that ask them about demo classes, video feedback, training pedagogy, location, repeat session, etc.

Net Tech India is one of the best institutes that let you polish your networking skills.

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