Software Testing

Software Testing is an integral phase of Software Development lifecycle that ensures the quality of the software that is developed. Software testing is performed to verify that the completed software package functions according to the expectations defined by the requirements/specifications. The objective of software testing is to find every software bug that exists, but to uncover situations that could negatively impact the customer, usability and/or maintainability.

The purpose of software testing and Quality Assurance are:

  • To meet the requirements to guide the design and development,
  • Ensure that the software works as expected,
  • It help to implement the same characteristics,
  • Also, satisfies the needs of stakeholders.

Students willing to pursue the a career in software testing or Quality Assurance can take up the Software Testing certification course and be a professional/certified software tester. NetTech India is one of the leading Software Testing training institutes that provide high-end training in software testing. A Software tester should gain the skills to test from module level to the application level software. Depending upon the purpose for testing and the software requirements/specs, a combination of testing methodologies is applied. One of the most overlooked areas of testing is regression testing and fault tolerant testing.

The testing methods of this Software Testing certification training are – white- and black-box testing, it describes the point of view that a test engineer takes when designing test cases. In white-box, testers can test internal structures or workings of a program, as opposed to the functionality exposed to the end-user. While in Black-box testing method of this Software Testing certification, testers treats the software as a “black box”, examining functionality without any knowledge of internal implementation.

In this Software Testing certification, students are trained in following types of software testing:istqb

Manual Testing: In this testing, students learn to test the software manually i.e. without using any automated tool or any script. In this type the tester takes over the role of an end user and test the Software to identify any un-expected behaviour or bug.

Automation Testing: Automation testing which is also known as Test Automation is a type of testing  where the tester writes scripts and uses another software to test the software. This process involves automation of a manual process.

ISTQB Certification: The ISTQB Certification is an internationally recognized software testing certification which is an essential part of QA Trainings in many organizations. The certification is divided into 3 levels – Foundation, Advanced and Expert. 

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