Oracle serves up silo-busting database in the cloud

Oracle is aiming to bring automation in the cloud by releasing the resources for the administrators; it has planned to automate the construction of siloed databases for individual projects. According to William Hardie, vice president of Management, Oracle; the Oracle DBaaS can offer an automated substitute to the manual creation of dedicated, siloed databases for individual projects. In the current scenario administrators are constantly asked to create a new database for a every new customer project. Right now that process is a manual, and labor intensive, but going forward, it can be an automated process.

He further said, “Most IT organisations actually recognize that implementing silos isn’t the most efficient way to deliver services anymore. Many are standardizing the different moving parts of the sector. The next logical stage is to start implementing automation. The whole process can be made automatic with DBaaS, so administrators can focus on architecture rather than the more mundane task of delivering databases”.

Hardie also conveyed that they are providing technology to make it simpler for any IT organization to reduce cost. Organizations can assure efficient use of the technology infrastructure and automation. Oracle will also aid the organizations to deliver higher customer satisfaction and service quality. He also said that this system can be used in conjunction with other systems in both private and public cloud deployments.

Hardie in his statement said that, “The whole philosophy is that you should have a choice of deployment models, whether it’s internal, private, or external. It is an option open to any organisation. Oracle has always given customers the ability to use its database services across different architectures and environments.”

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