Linux Training-Installing Linux on a Windows System

It won’t be wrong to say that Linux has become omnipotent. This technology is driving computers, laptops and mobile devices crazy. With the launch of LINUX, the world of the internet has undergone a paradigm shift. What was once a new technology to be harbored by the corporations has now become a critical technology to be learned by the networking professionals. Harbingering a signal of hope in the era of cloud technology, LINUX is definitely an answer towards complex computer horrors (virus, malware, computer crash, slow- downs, costly licensing fees, etc.).

Linux Certification Course– While most people complain that Linux is not currently used in desktop, so is there any need to learn about this operating system? The answer is yes, though its scores low in term of overall desktop operating system market, but it is extraordinarily strong on web server market, where it enjoys more than 50 percent share. IT professionals invest a lot of time in learning about LINUX and its installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and application. It is actually the best way to kick-start your career in the IT field without having a college degree.

Linux training-installing linux on a windows system

What will the course curriculum entail?

The course curriculum will help you to install and configure a computer running on LINUX and basic networking. LPIC -1 is a basic test that validates candidate’s proficiency in the real world administration.

The course will provide a deep insight on LINUX system

  • Installation and maintenance of LINUX workstation
  • Learning about different LINUX commands
  • Handling files and access permission for system security
  • Perform maintenance tasks that help users, add user base, backup files, shut down and restore the files
  • Linux installation and package management
  • The course helps you to learn about LINUX filesystems, Filesystem hierarchy standard, and a lot more

Apart from that, there are separate courses which suggest you on how to install windows on Linux system. These courses will guide you towards window management, window partition, how to assign partition size, how to install Linux mint, etc.

Institutes that offer LINUX training course

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