A guide towards CCNP certification

Touted as the most lucrative career in the field of computer, networking has definitely has undergone a sea change. What was once a cubicle job has now become a complex job! So, in order to remain future ready, there is a need to pursue the advanced course in the field of networking. These certificates justify you for promotion.

In this blog post, we’ll answer you the most commonly asked questions like:-

  • What is CCNP?
  • How does it differ from CCNP and CCIP course?
  • And are there any CCNA institutes that offer CCNP courses as well?

The CCNP (CISCO certified Networking Professional) course makes you demonstrate your core competency in the field of LAN and WANs in an enterprise environment. The course curriculum helps the individuals to collaborate with the specialist in the field of advanced security, voice and wireless solution.

Perquisite- CCNA certificate is a prerequisite to this course. Additionally, the below-mentioned courses can also be used as a prerequisite

-CCIE-Service Provider Certification

-CCIE-Routing and Switching


-CCIE-Service Provider

-CCIE-Storage Networking


Like any other CISCO certification, CCIP certificate is also valid for 3 years and after that an individual needs to recertify himself in that field.

How does it differ from CCNP course?

CCNP versus CCIP- Though both the certificates are alike in a manner that they help the professional to manage, support and troubleshoot IP networks, but the key distinction lies in the niche. By that we mean, CCNP program is geared towards professionals working within an enterprise, whereas CCIP program is aimed for those who work in the telecommunication industry. Both certificates label you as a professional candidate.

CCNP versus CCNA- Most people dread with this question is this course worth it? Well, today most of the recruiters gauge the networking professionals based on their skills. What was once important has now become obsolete! Having hands on experience in routing and switching definitely help you to succeed in the future.

Moreover, CCNP is a spotlight course and is worth every penny. If you are obsessive about new networking technology and want to make a career out of it, CCNP is a no brainier course.

Technicalities of the course

If a candidate wishes to move to the next level, then he/she needs to pass four exams. For more information about certification programs, go to our website Nettechindia.com

From where to start

Net Tech India is one of the best institutes that provide top-notch level CCNP training programs.  Our tailor-made teaching pedagogy, expert guidance and result-oriented mentoring complemented with requisite study material make us ahead of the pack.

Needless to say, we have trained and competent faculty who are selected through the multiple rounds of written tests and interviews, thereby leaving no room for errors. We always encourage our students to think beyond future.

To get to know about our courses, do enroll with us or alternatively contact us through our mobile no. 9870803004 / 9870803005

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