Why should you get CCNA certified?

When it comes to networking profession, there is always a need to upgrade the existing skill set and obtain certification. These certifications help you to advance your career and let you gain an edge over the competition.

How CCNA training help you to advance your career?

  • Based on our survey, more than 67% of the recruiters prefer certified network professionals as compared to non-certified ones.
  • Candidates backed by CCNA certificate get higher salaries than their peers.
  • There are several jobs lined for a certified professional.
  • Certificate obviously let you showcase your core competencies.
  • It makes you a good candidate for the promotion.

What will you learn through this CCNA training course?

As told above, obtaining CCNA certificate validates you as a support engineer, system engineer or a network technician.  This course actually helps you to remain afloat with the changing technologies.

Competitive Factor- Its popularity can be stemmed from the fact that it has made more than 1 lakh people employable. While all other courses come and go, routing and switching remains an inherent part of the organization. It is a premier course designed for the professionals who want to remain armed with the mainstream technologies.

What do you think will CISCO certified CCNA Course will be in demand in next few years to come?

With the talks of cybercrime, hacking, phishing and data thefts doing the rounds, it is predicted that network engineer jobs will be in demand. Security is going to be the buzz word. Here are some territories that you can explore as a network engineer:-

  • Cyber Security- Call it inflation, access to the improved education or phenomenal surge of IT industry; the crimes related to cyber security are on a rise. Even the big conglomerates and financial institutions have suffered from this mishap. So, there is a need of an engineer who can be real steel and battle these crimes.
  • Maintenance of data center- Every organization wants to maintain secured data. Hence, they need a network engineer who can install, design and maintain the networks.
  • Routing and switching networks- Routing and switchers are building blocks for the business communication. They actually improve profitability and increase the productivity of a company. Hence, there is a need of an expert person who can maintain the same.

Net Tech India is one such reputed institute that offers CCNA training course at affordable rates.

About Net Tech India

Capitalizing on our expert staff and state-of-the-art technologies, we can proudly say that no one else can train you the way we do.  We are one of the iconic institutes in India that offer you host of courses under one roof. Our courses are inspired by the present day job requirements and the latest technologies. Unlike our competitors, we don’t believe in training without motivation. All our course modules are well-designed taking into account the complex networking technologies.

Our mission is to train the minds of students in a way that they emerge to be the winner. Our courses have already created ripples in the field of IT industry. So, be a part of futuristic network technology and enroll with us. Till then, stay tuned to our latest blog post.

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