Everything you want to know about CCNA certification course

How to prepare for CCNA certification exam?

Our earlier blog posts have provided a complete information about CCNA training course for networking specialist, but here we will answer some the most frequently asked questions by the beginners.

What is CCNA training in routing and switching?

CCNA training in routing and switching exam assess a candidate’s knowledge and skills required to install, troubleshoot, operate medium sized branch network.

What is the difference between switching and routing?

In switching the packets are transferred from source to destination with help of MAC address. While on other hand router routes in between the network! It is a process done with the help of two IP addresses.

Can a student write CCNP exam without CCNA exam?

CCNA certification is a perquisite to obtain a CCNP certification. However, you can still clear the CCNP exam without passing CCNA, but even if you clear all the exams of CCNP sans CCNA, CISCO won’t award certificate unless you pass the exam.

How much does a CISCO certified professional make?

The average salary depends upon their experience level and educational background. If a candidate has a prior experience in the field of networking, he/she can command a high salary. A fat paycheck is a barometer that measures candidate’s ability to advocate that technology with confidence. Experience, certificate and ability to apply mind in a challenging situation make a candidate successful in the venture that he/she starts with. There are various CCNA training classes that can make you a capable to secure future job.

Note- Here we have not mentioned figures because we believe the average mean salary is not a benchmark for a candidate. Every individual is different and so do his capability. So, we don’t under estimate or over-estimate an individual. Salary is never a constraint for a right candidate.

What is the most advanced CISCO certificate course?

Here we present you a table that highlights about the career certifications

Level Routing and Switching
Expert CCIE routing and switching
Professional CCNP Routing and switching
Associate CCNA Routing and switching


How you get a certification?

There are various institutes that make you eligible to crack CCNA exam. These institutes make you future ready and offers you strategy on how to do your best in the limited time. Net Tech India one such institute that offers in-depth training in the field of networking. Our instructors are with you at every step.  Even they can counsel you when required. Just:-

-Select your certification course depending upon your skills. Entry level fundamental course makes you study the roots, while advanced credentials make you pro in the field.

– Select a training program and enroll with us

-Our expert instructors will let you know about the exams in detail

– Register and clear the exam

Aren’t they easy steps to get yourself certified in hard-core exams? Stress won’t take you anywhere, expert training can help you to climb the ladder of success. Your big opportunity maybe right where you are now!

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