Courses That Don’t Let you to Settle for Second Best

The test of knowing whether you have chosen the right career path or not is this: Does it yield returns? If so, you are on the right track. Is everything in your life is exactly what you hoped for?  If yes, read no further, congratulations!  But very few people are able to achieve this bliss in their life, for others they need the guidance of experts. In this blog post, we will suggest you ten courses in the IT field that will shape your career to the next level.

Most of us expend our energies in anticipating the course that offers us happiness, joy and most of all work life balance. So, here we have made your work simple.

CCNA- Without this course, you may feel handicapped in the field of IT. CISCO certified CCNA course offers expertise in four different fields including routing and switching, design, security, and storage networking. It is an entry level course that acts as a prerequisite to CCNP. The reason why this course is considered as highly demanded because:-

The course entails a broad understanding of different networking topics. Though you may not find its use in daily lives, but it definitely helps you to get a job or a raise. Not having a CCNA degree, won’t leave you jobless, but it will definitely help you to negotiate a raise in a quicker manner regardless of the experience.

Juniper- If you are seeking out for new network career opportunity or if you plan to work for a company that utilizes Juniper Network products and services, then enrolling yourself in Juniper Network program is a career enhancing move. The course offers an insight on service provider routing and switching, enterprise routing, and switching, Junos security, Junos support and design.  This certificate validates you as a networking professional.

Linux/Solaris-Operating system is the backbone of any industry and armed with its knowledge a networking professional can boost up his/her career. This course lets you sail in the field of IT smoothly. After completing the course, you’ll be able to:-

  • Design, implement and modify complex software programs
  • Undertake different type of web design programs
  • Analyze how operating systems work and understand why a particular approach is taken

Vmware-Vmware is perceived as one of the most noteworthy courses in the domain of IT. This course is highly demanded by the corporations. But clearing this course is not easy; you need to prove your knowledge through hands-on practical lab sessions and examinations. The course focuses on managing and troubleshooting large, converged networks.

Are there any technical institutes that offer such courses?

Well, Mumbai is a place that offers different courses for people from different walks of life. Chances are that if you are a networking professional, you require a number of years of experience along with education to reach the pinnacle of success; NettechIndia offers you that.

The company offers myriad of courses for a networking engineer who wants to bootstrap his career.  Though the list mentioned is not comprehensive, but we have attempted to cover four major courses that can make you a successful. Rest will follow soon. Till then keep reading and enroll with us.

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