Cisco CCNA Training Course in Mumbai

                              Cisco CCNA Training Course in Mumbai

Cisco Certificate Network Associate (CCNA) is a certification program for burgeoning engineers in networking with 1-3 years of experience. CCNA course enhances your knowledge in introductory networking which will help you in enhancing your network. CCNA certification provides an associate level Cisco carrier Certification.

This course is for potential Network Administrators, network specialists and network support engineers. CCNA Certification acquires certain high level knowledge and skills which required for securing CISCO networks.

CCNA Certification is the initial step in Cisco training and the advance level of CCNA i.e. CCNP and CCIE. CCNA certificate holds a valid position in the field of networking and for a promising future in networking. You have to clear the examination organized by Cisco. There are many institutes that offer a course for CCNA Security Certification in Mumbai which will offer you CCNA Certification and training in a very affordable rate for students from all background.

NetTech India is one of the leading and most eminent networking or IT institute in Mumbai which offers CCNA Security Course in Thane. CCNA classes prepare individuals for CCNA exams, after successfully completing the exams one will be provided with one of the most eminent certificates in networking or Information Technology Industry.

CCNA Security Course

There is a well known attack on IT security these days. NetTech India’s CCNA Security Course covers topics such as;

In NetTech India, you will learn how to apply security on Cisco routers. In this chapter we will cover topics like how to implement security on CISCO routing, and learn how to secure data and control.

  • Learn implementation of AAA:

In this topic, we will introduce TACACS+, RADIUS, and verification of AAA functionality.

  • Learn how to build IOS ACLs:

Explanation about standard ACL, extended ACL, and named ACL, introduction of building Packet filtering firewall.

  • Learn management and reporting of networking:


  • Learn well known Layer 2 attacks:
  • Introduction of how to use Cisco ASA Firewall:

In this, topics on Description about operational strength and weaknesses. We also introduce how to utilize different types of NAT and PAT and its implementation.

  1. Introduction of Cisco IPS:

Learn new technologies of Cisco IPS and also learn how to deploy it configure it using CCP.

  1. Learn how to configure VPN:

We try to include new concepts in this topic which covers different methods used in cryptography, building blocks of IPSec, implementation of IOS IPSec and Implementation of (SSL) VPN by ASA device manager.

NetTech India is one of the most renowned CCNA Training Institute in Mumbai. You can log on to for further reference.


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