Certified Ethical Hacking Certification and Training Course in Mumbai

Certified Ethical Hacking Certification and Training Course in Mumbai

Hacking is a term used for accessing information from computer of someone else through your own computer either keeping him informed or not. Ethical hacking is legal method of hacking the security system by using penetration testing techniques on the request of the person whose computer is to be hacked.

Certified ethical hacking certification is a qualification obtained by going through penetration test which are organized by institutions which are accredited training centers. The certified ethical hackers are assigned to penetrate computers and network system with the purpose of finding and fixing security vulnerabilities. Ethical hacking is gaining access to computer system with the permission of the owner.

Ethical hacking Certification course gives Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification to students who can get a chance to work for various big companies in India like Wipro, Infosys, Airtel, Accenture, Capgemini and IBM, depending on one’s talent and skill. The student certified can work as a server administrator, web security administrator, information security specialist, network defense specialist and network security administrator.

There are various Ethical hacking institutes in Mumbai who offer training for this course. One of them is NetTech India which offers Ethical hacking course to students in Mumbai. The students who are trained in NetTech India get a starting salary of 1- 3.5 lac rupees per annum in starting to rupees 30 lacs per annum depending upon their skill and experience about the work and field.

NetTech India certifies its student in CEH which is professional level certification accepted by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultant. This Ethical Hacking Training in Mumbai trains its students in the field of hacking. The course makes awareness among the students about the online fraud through Internet Banking, stealing of confidential information of the user and hijacking the website. The certified students can provide antidote against the malicious hacking in big companies.

The trained professional is hired by big companies who offer solutions to their clients. With the growth of E-commerce, there is a rise in online fraud. To make the system much more reliable and incorruptible, these ethical hackers are deployed who test the technology through deep penetration test so that the system gets more reliable for use.

Under the program, the students are trained in cross side scripting, hacking and defensive techniques. The penetration test is also covered so that the students can implement the technologies in real time. NetTech India is one of the leading institutes in Mumbai which covers the entire required syllabus in defined time. You can visit the website for further information at www.nettechindia.com

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