CCNA Wireless training program

Today, digital media has taken the world by the storm. It has intertwined the business and technology in a way that it is virtually impossible to separate them from each other. Hence, In order to keep a pace with the technological changes every IT professional need to obtain IT certificate and degree. Though these certifications and degree don’t guarantee you a fat paycheck, but it definitely acts as a springboard to your career.  In our earlier posts, we have discussed a lot about why to join CCNA course and what does it offer in return. Here we will discuss about:-

  • CCNA Wireless Training Program
  • Is it worth it?
  • Does it guarantee you income revolution?

CCNA Wireless certificate course– CCNA offers specialization in 9 different areas and one among them is wireless training program. As the name suggests, this course let the network professionals to learn about the wireless connections like LAN (configuration, installation, monitoring, troubleshooting and other support skills required for optimal performance of wireless networks). It actually amplifies the technical acumen among the networking professionals that result into a successful business outcome.


Any valid certification in CCNA Routing and Switching or CCIE acts as a prerequisite.

Is it worth it?

Every business organization needs a networking professional to run its business smoothly. These professionals actually translate their knowledge and skills to spur competitive advantage. There is always a consistent demand for the network professionals, irrespective of the economic conditions. Hence, it pays to be a network administrator.  Also, it is labeled as a “recession proof job”.

Salary of a network professional

It all depends upon the experience and skills acquired. CCNA wireless certification is valid for three years and to re-establish yourself, you must pass in the below-mentioned exams:-

  • Current CCIE written exam
  • CISCO certified architect interview
  • CISCO specialist exam
  • CISCO certified associate level exam

You can contact our specialist for further information.

Course module

CCNA wireless is a basic wireless networking course. It details a student about the wireless fundamentals and mathematics governing it. The emphasis is laid on maintenance, security and troubleshooting of a wireless network.

CCNA Wireless institute that offer such courses

Net Tech India is one of the finest institutes that offer CCNA wireless training programs. Our unique, standalone curriculum coupled with internship program ensures you to get job in any MNC across the world. Unlike other institutes, we don’t leave students at their destiny; rather we sit with the learner and understand his/her career aspirations and then together create a blueprint for success.

What separates us from others is our teaching style. Yes! While most of other institutes follow obsolete methods of classroom teaching, but we use interactive methods. Our aim is to bring a revolution in the technological education. Last but not the least; we fine tune our students in a way that they have a chance to stand tall among the competitors. Enroll with our range of courses and be corporate ready. To get the details email us now at

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